Thursday, July 26, 2012

What do Wallpaper, Balloons and Revolution have in common? La Folie Titon!

Another short article has been published in Bonjour Paris that I wrote. This one is centered on a nondescript address where major events in the history of Paris took place. The address is 31, rue de Montreuil in the 11th arrondissement of Paris. The neighboring metro stops are Faidherbe Chaligny, Ledru Rolin and Nation.

When the French Revolution is discussed everyone thinks of the Bastille. However, there is a little visited site in Paris where riots began on the 28th of April 1789. These riots set in motion the rioting that marked the beginning of the French Revolution and the historic storming of the Bastille. This historic spot is the La Folie Titon on old Faubourg Saint Antoine marked by two simple plaques. The plaques are attached to a stately apartment building that is, of course, locked. Be patient, someone is bond to enter or exit. If you can get past those locked front doors there is beautiful tile work describing the history of La Folie Titon. The tiles are mounted very high in the entrance on the left side and I had wished that I had a flashlight to better see them. 

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