Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Magical Musical Moments with David Campignon

Maestro Adilia Alieva, an international Russian concertist living in France, said about David Campignon that his playing “is at the same time very emotional and very professional. He controls a huge repertoire that unfolds with an extensive and beautiful range of hues and tones, yet his renderings are altogether lively and energetic...”

I had the pleasure and good luck to be invited to attend one of David’s private recitals at his home here in Paris. I had no idea when I received that invitation, what an extraordinary individual David was and what a powerful performance would be in store for me.

David was born in Hayama, Japan in 1972 to a Japanese mother and French father. At the age of 15, David relocated to France were he studied at the Saint-Maur National Conservatoire. He subsequently attended the Lyon National Conservatoire, the Conservatoire Superieur in Paris with post graduate courses at the National Academy in Rome. During these years he received numerous honors and won an unending list of competitions. He now continues to delight his audiences with regular concerts and recitals throughout France, Europe and Japan.

I must share a little description of David’s apartment. It is very much a typical parisian apartment. This means that it is small. When entering his salon the predominant object is a Steinway grand piano. The room is customized with special absorbent panels but the impact of a concert in that environment was amazing. One literally was lost in the sound and beauty of the music. 

I thank my dear friend, Sayuri, for the invitation and I thank David for an evening full of magical moments of music.

Please check out David Campignon's website for more information: 

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