Friday, December 28, 2012

La Péniche and Le Foodist

Stéphane, the sommelier for Le Foodist 

Every once in awhile someone comes up with a really great concept and I tip my hat to Fred Pouillot for his creation of Le Foodist. An evening with Fred will open doors to french culture through food and wine by offering unique taste experiences accompanied by entertaining stories on history, culture, food and wine. Sharing Fred’s passion for food and his knowledge will bring you to a new level of dining appreciation.

The current home for Le Foodist is the adorable péniche, Bateau Daphné, just by the Batobus (or water taxi) stop for Notre Dame called Quai Montebello. This was my first time on a péniche which is one of the flat bottom barges commonly seen on the Seine. The top deck of the boat serves as a delightful starting point for an aperitif with first rate views of Notre Dame. As chilly as it has been in Paris, it was difficult to leave the beauty of the Seine and Notre Dame and descend into the warm cozy dining salon.

To find out more, see the article as published in Bonjour Paris:

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