Saturday, March 16, 2013

Paris in the Snow; March 2013

We just had a real good old fashioned snow storm in Paris. It was not something to be expected in March and the snow quickly covered all of the beautifully blooming spring flowers including my freshly planted box geraniums.

The streets and the sidewalks were completely empty. However, for those of us that ventured outdoors into the freezing temperatures the city was wonderful; beauty, solitude and tranquility were at every step.

Much to my surprise I found one solitary vendor at the local marché. It was a fish vendor and yes, I had to buy something from such brave souls to have set up shop on such a day. You will see a photo of their lonely stand just below.

These are just a few of my photos so you can enjoy the magical moment of being in Paris in the snow immersed in the beauty of the moment with a spring in your step.


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