Thursday, April 18, 2013

La Folle Nuit à Gaveau

Iddo Bar-Shaï performing at Gaveau
The 13 and 14th of April were the La Folle Nuit à Gaveau at the Salle Gaveau. On Saturday, the13th of April, five consecutive yet different concerts were performed beginning at 1:00PM. On the following evening, a different set of consecutive concerts were performed. The cost to attend a performance was 10 euros. Needless to say, there were mobs of theater goers arriving early in order to be sure of not only getting in but in finding a good seat.

Inside the theatre after the performance

The Salle Gaveau is one of the most charming theaters in Paris. The building was designed by the architect, Jacques Hermant, in 1905 and it was built during 1906 and 1907. The essential purpose for this theatre has always been for piano and chamber music. It seats approximately 1000 attendees. The very first concert performed was on the 3rd of October 1907. It included a chorus of 140 vocalists and was directed by Bremer Lehrergeangverein. 

Lobby Salle Gaveau

The Salle Gaveau continues to offer varied and interesting productions including programing for child plus a nice assortment of light fare. In addition there is a small bar at the entrance to the theatre which offers patrons champagne, wine, beer and coffee as well as a nice assortment of light noshes. This is such a practical and charming part of the theatre that I am very surprised the idea has not caught on for all theatres.

You missed La Folle Nuit à Gaveau this year but you don’t have to miss the ongoing performances at this lovely theatre in the 8th arrondissement of Paris.
The bar Salle Gaveau

Note: Salle Gaveau, 45-47 rue La Boetie, 75008  01 49 53 05 07

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