Saturday, May 4, 2013

France’s Little Sparrow, Edith Piaf

Close your eyes and be transported back in time with French chanteuse, Caroline Nin, paying tribute to Edith Piaf in her show, Hymne à Piaf, at the Essaïon Théâtre in Paris. 

It is exactly fifty years since France’s Little Sparrow had her final curtain call but her voice and songs continue to mesmerize today’s audiences throughout the world. Caroline Nin has been touring with her bilingual tribute of Edith Piaf to sell-out shows from Sydney’s prestigious Opera House and London’s Royal Festival Hall to theatres in New York, Berlin, Amsterdam, Melbourne and Auckland.

It is now time for Caroline to return to her hometown to enthrall and uplift audiences right here in Paris. Caroline does not perform an impersonation of Piaf. She interjects her own voice and jazz inflicted tones offering moving renditions of the old favorite’s as “Non, je ne regrette rien”. She will bring you to both tears and laughter.

Caroline Nin was voted the Best Female Jazz Vocalist in France and now she will be available in the intimacy of a cabaret theatre from opening night on the 10th of April until the 26th of June.

In Caroline’s own words “When I’m not on tour, I spend my time walking the streets of Paris, my hometown, the most beautiful city in the world. This is how I discovered the Essaïon Théâtre many years ago. A true historical gem in Paris, tucked away in a laneway by the Pompidou Centre, I’ve always promised myself that one day, I would perform in its intimate Cabaret Room. I am so delighted to be presenting Hymne à Piaf in Paris for the first time at the Essaïon.”

The Essaïon Théâtre is a perfect venue, blending well with Caroline’s unique voice and electric stage presence. The theatre is housed in a medieval vaulted cellar going back to the Templars and was once a part of the Hotel de l’Aigle d’Or. A 100 seat theater was created in the 1970’s by Governed Santon and his band. It was then taken over by José Valverde who turned it into a more typical parisian theater. In the 1990’s the actress, Alida Latessa, took the helm at developing and managing the space and adding another vaulted chamber.

Between 2003 and 2005 the theatre concentrated on singing and musical theatre under the direction of Mary Fabre. In 2006, Guylainé Laliberté, Michel Laliberté and Gerard Peiffer united with Marie-José Tyan and Cecile Moatti to turn it into the rich theatre program that is found today. In addition to contemporary theatre classics and concerts, they offer young audiences (beginning from ages 1 through 5) regular and varied program choices. 

Look for this lovely little theater in the heart of the Marais and don’t miss Caroline Nin performing Hymne à Piaf. Caroline is accompanied by Antoine Lefort on Piano and Shankar Kirpalani on a five string double bass. She will be at the Essaïon Théâtre every wednesday until the  26th of June. You can go to the website to obtain tickets or call 01 42 78 46 42. (

Enjoy the Show!

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