Saturday, August 17, 2013

Second Chance to see Robert Doisneau’s Photos

If you missed the amazing exhibit of Robert Doisneau’s photoraphs of Les Halles at the Hotel de Ville, you have a second chance. At the Forum des Halles, a collection of the artist’s photos have been blown up to poster size and are displayed throughout the New Forum space.

Robert Doisneau described Les Halles as the heart of Paris. His photos are a reminder of the passing of time and the historic transformations that have occurred. There are nearly one hundred photos on display to introduce the viewer to a bygone chapter in the history of Paris and to meet the folks of that time preserved by Doisneau. The photographic walks at the New Forum are divided into three sections: Square Place is “The market in the Neighborhood”, Street Theater is “The Trades des Halles” and Place de la Rotonde is “The Faces of Les Halles”.

At the same time, it is interesting to walk around the construction site to see the plans for the new structure and to watch the progress that has been made. However, you must hurry because the photos will only be on display until the 31st of August. By the way, it is totally free!

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