Wednesday, April 11, 2012

No Vegans and No English

I love old world charm, simple decor and good home cooking. It is all to be found at a lovely small bistrot and wine bar called Desvouges in the 5th. What is remarkable is that it is around the corner from our apartment and we can not believe that we have not wandered in sooner to enjoy its ambiance, good food and friendly owner, Jerome Desvouges. 
The menu reflects seasonal changes and hearty options as Epaule d’agneau (lamb shoulder), Onglet tout couvert d’echalotes (steak covered in shallots), confit de canard (duck) and l’andouillette de Bobosse (sausage). Desserts include a delicious riz au lait, crème brûlée and fromage blanc with coulis de miel. 

At this first visit, it soon became evident that the restaurant was filled with regulars and Jerome circulated about the room to chat with each person while taking orders and pouring wine. After the chef prepared each dish, he would personally came out of the kitchen to serve it. We heard not one word of english in what was clearly a local bistrot with a strong following. We may not be french, but we are now part of the regulars. So, if you go, you better love hearty meat dishes and if you hear some english it will probably be us.
Desvouges is located at 6 rue des Fossés Saint Marcel in the fifth. It is closed weekends and for dinner on Monday and Tuesday. (On Friday evenings it is open until 1:00 a.m.) You can take the métro; Ligne 5 to Saint-Marcel or Ligne 7 to Les Gobelins. The best bus is 91 to Boulevard Saint-Marcel. Telehone is 01 47 07 91 25.  Bon Appetit !

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