Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ma Cantine : Variations Restaurant

Bonjour Paris has just published an article that I wrote for them on one of my favorite restaurants near to our apartment called Variations.  It is located at 18 rue des Wallons, 75013 Paris. It can be accessed by metro stop Saint Marcel (ligne 5), Gare d'Austerlitz (ligne 10) or Les Gobelins (ligne 7). The phone number is 01 43 31 36 04.
There is nothing quite like dining in cafés, bistros or brasseries in France. Arguably, the French have everyone else beat and every neighborhood in Paris has a plethora of choices. But even with the many choices, locals tend to gravitate to the same restaurants. One in particular, Variations, is fondly called our “cantine”.  This term is used if one tends to go to a favorite spot so often that it feels like your own kitchen.
For the entire article go to Bonjour Paris:

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